Amazon Has Introduced Contest For Alexa Developers

The hottest trend in technology right now is the smart speaker. Companies like Apple, Google, and of course, Amazon are devoting a significant amount of time, energy, and money into developing the most effective and efficient smart speakers to help people with their everyday lives. Adults are loving the artificial intelligence integration, as they continue to fall in love with their personal assistants, Alexa and Siri. Well, Amazon is ready to take the next step. The world-renowned company has their hand in a little bit of everything these days, so they are reaching out to developers for their next project. Amazon introduced the Alexa Skills Challenge for Kids, where the company has encouraged developers to come up with the best skills for children under the age of 13 that could be implemented into Alexa’s AI integration.

Alexa For Children

It’s fun to go back 20 years and think about what life was like without all the technological advances that have taken place recently. Answering machines gave way to flip phones. Walkman’s were replaced by iPods. Now, kids in elementary school are getting cell phones. They are playing with iPads and using laptops in school. Oh, how times have changed. Now, Amazon wants to upgrade its Echo devices to be more suitable for children under 13 years old. The contest asks developers to come up with the best skills for kids. Amazon is seeking skills that are educational, fun, and engaging, so that children can start utilizing the Echo, just as their parents do.

Top Prizes

Oh, and in case you weren’t too enthused with the idea of coming up with a skill and passing it off to a multi-billion-dollar corporation for free, have no fear. Amazon is offering plenty of prizes to the developers that create the best skills for Alexa. All entries are due by January 30, although Amazon is encouraging contestants to submit them as soon as possible. At that point, they will select 20 finalists, each of whom will receive $5,000 for their selection. After that, there will be six additional categories that could earn contestants some extra cash. The grand prize for the best overall skill is an additional $20,000. Then, there are five extra bonus categories that are worth $5,000 each, including Best Educational Skill and Best Skill Designed for Echo Show, Amazon’s visual edition of its flagship smart speaker.

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