Android Auto Debuts Waze Navigation App

Waze has long been one of the most user-friendly navigation apps on the market. And now with its debut for Android Auto, Waze can become the top choice for users worldwide. The official announcement regarding the partnership was made by Waze earlier this week.

What makes Waze such a groundbreaking product is its simplicity combined with complexity. As mentioned above, Waze is quickly earning a reputation as the easiest app to, pardon the pun, navigate. Even with its move to Android Auto, the Google-owned service remains easy to operate for all users. For individuals looking for a ride, there is a carpool section. And if you forgot where your car is located, Waze’s Where Did I Park feature will help you in a pinch.

Available for use on a larger screen, the app provides individuals with their route, destination, and ETA. But unlike most GPS products, Waze offers much more. The app acts as the social media of all navigation tools. Users can take matters into their own hands by updating road conditions themselves before anything is officially reported. In today’s fast-paced world, users will appreciate getting that information as quickly as possible.

Here Are Some of Waze’s Notable Features:

  • Users can program and save their favorite locations to travel to.
  • Easy transition from your phone’s screen to your car’s much larger screen.
  • The ability to share information like traffic blocks and accidents via the app.
  • You can start the app with simple voice commands.

While some of these features may seem elaborate, Waze remains simple at its core. Creators have actually aimed to make a product that distracts drivers as little as possible. Somehow with all these intricacies, the app's main screen is not too busy. Not only does Waze promote the quickest routes, they also create the safest ones. While most navigation apps can cause drivers to get frustrated, Waze promotes clarity and ease.

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