Apple Fires Engineer After iPhone X Leak

Apple fired an engineer after a video of his daughter with the yet-to-be released iPhone X went viral earlier this week. The short footage was uploaded to YouTube and quickly spread across the internet. The female in the video, Brooke Peterson, later confirmed that her father was fired due to Apple’s strict policy of no filming on its campus.

Engineer Let Go By Apple

While Apple has yet to publicly comment on the matter, it is more than reasonable to believe Peterson is telling the truth about her father’s fate at the company. She said Apple had previously asked her to remove the video from YouTube, which she quickly complied with. And although the video was taken down, it didn’t matter as many technology websites had already copied and shared the exclusive footage of the iPhone X.

In the video, Peterson is seen eating lunch with her father on the Apple campus while trying out the new phone. The interaction lasted less than a minute, but inadvertently exposed a text file of Apple codenames. In a follow up video, Peterson spoke about her mistake and her father’s misfortune. She apologized to the company and promised her family would not hold a grudge against Apple.

iPhone X Anticipation

The iPhone X is currently priced at $1,150 and anticipation for the phone’s release has already hit a record-high. Sneak peaks at the X have led to some reviewers calling it “the best smartphone you can buy." The screen is what really sticks out about this product. From color display to easy touch and go features, the X screen is cutting-edge even by Apple’s standards. Not only is the display the among the best ever for a smartphone, the speakers in the back give users a real cinema-type experience when viewing content. The Face ID feature is revolutionary as well. Apple intends to completely phase out all Touch ID activity and replace it with Face ID, which appears to be much more secure.

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