Best iPod Versions Of All-Time

Last week, Apple decided that the iPod Touch would be its last iPod model available for sale. And while the decision seems questionable, it is definitely understandable. iPod sales have decreased drastically in the past decade. From 2006 to 2014, yearly iPod sales fell more than 25%. With the market declining more each year, Apple believes stopping production and only selling the Touch is its wisest choice.

With only one version left for consumers to purchase, the timing seems appropriate to highlight some of the best iPod versions of all-time:

iPod Classic

This was the class of Apple’s early days of music ingenuity. Created after the very first iPod, the iPod Classic went on to become one of Apple’s most successful products. The biggest selling point for this version was the massive amount of space (160GB). The only drawback was how big and bulky it was. Consumers did not seem to be turned off by how large the device was though.

Sixth Generation iPod Touch

Released in 2015, the Sixth Generation iPod was essentially the ultimate tool for music fans. Its sleek design is perfect for the on-the-go entertainment consumer. The Sixth Generation was more than a music device though as it featured internet connectivity and FaceTime capabilities. Even with all these features, the iPod still contained plenty of space – 128GB. The video quality was the best of its kind at the time.

iPod Nano

People either loved or hated the iPod Nano series, and that was definitely by design. The Nanos were created with a very specific consumer in mind. Nano owners were not looking for unlimited music and videos, they would seek the basic necessities. And in that sense, the iPod Nano more than delivered. The Fourth-Generation versions stands out as the best in the long line of the Nano series. That particular version was famous for its scroll-wheel, allowing users lightning-fast access to their entire music catalog. When it was made available in 2008, iPod sales hit an all-time high.

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