Do Humans Use Their Smartphones Too Much?

Today’s constant evolution of technology presents an odd conundrum among the people that use it. Obviously, technology is being improved for the benefit of its users. On the other hand, the more technology advances, the less a human being needs to accomplish on his own. So, where is the happy medium? Is there one? There are millions of questions that can be asked about the technology itself, but shouldn’t we be more concerned with the people that use it? Apple’s Chief Design Officer, Jony Ive, recently stated that almost all iPhone users are using the device incorrectly. One would immediately assume he means that there are gizmos and gadgets within the device that would allow for it to be used more efficiently; however, Ive was referring to the amount of time spent on an iPhone. He clarified that people are using their smartphones too often and for too much. Ive mentioned that today’s generation uses their phones for browsing the internet, scrolling through Facebook, and taking photos, which could be classified as misuse. In other words, humans are using their smartphones too much.

Smartphone Studies

To give you a better understanding of how often we use our phones, there was a study conducted in 2016 by a research firm called Dscout. The study was done on a group of 94 Android users. It required the participants to track every time they used their smartphone for five days, including every touch, swipe, and tap of the screen. Amazingly, the study determined that average users touched their phone around 2,617 times each day. Some users were shocked to find out that they had been touching their phone more than 5,000 times per day with an average of 225 minutes of daily usage. In addition to the astounding statistics surrounding usage, the study found that few participants were “moved” to make major life decisions, and it only took about ten seconds to go from shock to utter resignation.

Kids Using Smartphones

Is It A Problem?

Of course, this is a matter of opinion. The amount we use our phones could be considered alarming, but the additional effects that arise from that usage is the problem. When tinkering on smartphones begins to prevent people from making life decisions, you should know there is an issue. When someone reads something about a human tragedy, reacts, and then simply brushes it off ten seconds later, there is an issue. Clearly, Ive understands that there is an issue, but a high-ranking executive at Apple is not going to stop developing top-notch phones, which directly contribute to the problem. So, how can we fix it? Can it be fixed?

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