Facebook Reaches 2 Billion Users Worldwide

On Tuesday, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was pleased to announce the social media site had officially surpassed 2 billion users. It was an incredible milestone for the platform first created in 2004. Zuckerberg says his next order of business is to connect the public through common ground and worthy causes.

While the site continues to accumulate a massive following, Zuckerberg knows Facebook can improve on certain aspects. The 33-year-old spent the majority of the year traveling the United States trying to understand Facebook’s ultimate purpose. He concluded that Americans have so many varying opinions, but common ground is obtainable. Zuckerberg is determined to build a platform for discussion and unity amongst users.

A study showed more than 1 billion users engage in group talks on Facebook each month. These groups can discuss topics as diverse as social issues and sports. The big blue giant aims to engage even more users in these forums in an effort to open dialogue.

India And The United States Have The Biggest Facebook Presence

Facebook's New Initiatives

The site is getting more involved in the political environment as well. Facebook will send out a voter registration reminder to users in India who are eligible to vote in upcoming elections. Microsoft, Twitter, and Youtube have joined Facebook for the launch of an anti-terror agreement aimed to stop the spread of misleading content found online.

In the meantime, the social media site has made personalized celebration video for all of its users upon hitting the 2 billion mark. Facebook also revealed some details about its meteoric climb to the top of the social industry. The United States has the highest number of Facebook users, while India came in second with more 180 million subscribers.

Facebook first hit 1 billion users in 2012. The jump from 1 billion to 2 billion only took five years. By comparison, it took eight years for Facebook’s audience to expand from zero to 1 billion. The site has seen steady growth each year since Zuckerberg first developed the groundbreaking platform.

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