Facebook Creates Messenger App Just For Kids

A new messenger app targeting children will soon be coming to Facebook. The free app has been designed specifically for kids under the age of 13, who don’t yet have a Facebook account. Messenger can be used by the children to communicate with their parents and approved friends.

Messenger Kids

The app is tentatively titled, “Messenger Kids” and it will come equipped with many parental controls to ensure a safe experience for young users. As most parents would wish, they will have full-access to their children’s messenger accounts. Only the parental figures can add friends or erase messages. Even better for parents – Messenger Kids is simply an extension of their own accounts. Kids will not be granted their own private messenger privileges.

Facebook only allows those aged 13 and up to use its platform. That means the big blue giant is missing out on millions of citizens in their pre-teens. And while many kids still find ways to get around the restrictions, Facebook wanted to compromise with the younger generation of users with the launching of this new app. Is Messenger Kids a genuinely good service provided to youngsters or just another way for Facebook to hook users from an extremely young age? Many experts have shown concern over Facebook’s powerful reach to a massive audience with under-13 being its new target demographic.

Facebook Messenger Turning Ten

Mark Zuckerberg and company are closing in on a monumental date in Facebook history – 2018 will mark the ten-year anniversary of the app now known as Facebook Messenger. Originally launched as Facebook Chat in 2008, the company re-evaluated the service years later to make it more user-friendly. The next move for the platform is incorporating advertisements and sponsorships into the popular app. In just the past two years, Messenger has grown from 600 million users to more than one billion.

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