Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over Latest Snapchat Update

Since its release in 2011, Snapchat has become an integral part of everyday life. It sounds silly, but it’s true. Adults and teens everywhere have grown to love the instant photo sharing app, and now, businesses are figuring how to use it for advertising. The only problem is that people like it the way it was, and ever since Snap Inc. decided to make some radical changes to the app’s interface, fans have been losing their minds. The latest Snapchat update was installed by almost every smartphone earlier this month, and since then, fans have banded together in an effort to convince Snapchat to change the app back.

Specific Snapchat Changes

The changes that were made include a complete restructuring of the app’s layout. Snapchat still opens on the camera screen, so nothing new there; however, once you decide to watch your friend’s story, that’s where it gets complicated. Before, you would simply swipe left to access the stories page and see a chronological list of your friends’ most recent stories. Below, there were sponsored stories that could be scrolled through and watched for entertainment purposes. On the other side, you could swipe right from the camera screen and view all your recent snaps.

Well, Snapchat decided it would be more efficient and effective to combine the stories and recent snaps pages. That is where the biggest problem lies with users. It has become a completely jumbled mess with no rhyme or reason to the way its laid out. Snap Inc. says that instead of listing everything in chronological order, it lists the stories in an order it believes would be of most interest to the user. While in theory, everyone can understand what they are trying to do; however, after a couple weeks of use, it has become clear that it just does not work.

Online Petition

Users are so upset with the new interface that they organized an online petition that currently has around 600,000 signatures. So far, Snap Inc. has made it clear that it has no intentions of returning to the original format. They are sticking with the notion that everyone will become used to the new interface with time. Bold move, Snapchat. Let’s see if it pays out for them.

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