Google Creates Family Link For Young Android Users

Family Link is Google’s new software designed to help preteen Android phone users. The software was originally launched as an invitation-only service used to create email accounts. But today, Family Link can be utilized every American seeking to customize an Android device for the younger generation.

Family Link Protection

Protection is the primary objective for this new software. The goal of Family Link is to provide a service to parents that helps limit a preteens’ cell usage throughout the day. That means adults have the freedom to control number of hours spent on the phone and which apps can be accessed and installed. If a child takes the phone upstairs for bedtime, parents have the ability of locking the phone using this software.

Family Link goes above and beyond when it comes to cellular security. Google’s new technology doesn’t just protect your children, it protects the phone in general. If a child loses the phone, parents can lock it. They can also reset a password in a case a child forgets it at an inopportune time. Family Link allows the kids to take over full control of the phone when they hit their teenage years. Google has yet to say if follow-up software will be available for children over the age of 12.

Original Family Link Release

This technology was made public by Google back in March. At that time, the software was only available for users that requested access to it. Parents simply needed to enter a child’s birth date to set up the security package, limiting their usage. Once the device is set up, parents were able to monitor their kids’ phone from their own device. It is essentially the ultimate tool for parents to have in the advancing age of technology. The older generation can now rejoice as this software is available to every mobile user inside the United States.

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