Google Teaches Kids To Protect Themselves Online

Google has launched a new interactive game aimed to help keep children safe online. Interland was created as part of the company’s “Be Internet Awesome” campaign. The game hopes to prepare kids of all ages for the common dangers they may face using social media sites.

For the product’s launch, Google partnered with Family Online Safety Institute. The activity goes in-depth on the risks of the internet. Users playing the game are asked to identify fake news and email scams. Strangers will send them friend requests that will be left up to the children’s discretion. On a higher level, youngsters must decide whether or not to report cyber bullies.

The interactive tool could quickly find a place in classrooms across America. Interland is set up for easy use and accessibility; perfect for teachers giving lessons on online safety. This Google product seeks to set up a safer online experience for the next generation.

Teacher Using Google Interland

The internet can be a scary place for young, impressionable children today. According to a study published last year, 52% of young people say they have been victims of cyber bullying. Even more alarming is the reported 95% of teens that claim to have witnessed bullying, but decided not to take action against it. Nearly half of all teenagers questioned say they have never confided in their parents after facing cyber bullying.

The game isn’t just for the benefit of the younger generation though. Interland can be a very useful tool for adults wondering about online dangers their children may face. Additionally, parents can learn how to protect themselves as well. After completion, they too should be able to identify email scams that may flood their inboxes daily.

Interland hopes to not only keep children safe online, it intends to discourage possible future cyber bullies. The newly released game is the latest example in a long line of initiatives that Google has taken to make the internet a safer place.

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