Mozilla Focuses On Security For Android Browsers

Mozilla has finally agreed to embrace Android’s spotlight on browsing security. The recent improvements made to Mozilla’s Firefox Focus browser include the auto-blocking of ads and trackers. Further privacy will be provided by making it effortless for a user to erase their search history.

Firefox Focus includes some cutting-edge security features. The ad tracker counter will tally the number of advertisements that were blocked for the user’s reference. Focus has a notification reminder that will let you erase the browsing history with the click of a button. The software also aims to solve issues customers may have accessing sites that won’t open due to enabled ad blockers. For pages that do not load adequately, users are free to disable the tracker blocker.

Mozilla Updates

Simplicity is key with Mozilla’s new software. Nearly every web browser features some sort of privacy mode. What Mozilla does is combine all of the latest privacy attributes, while leaving the hodgepodge behind. Despite the delayed launch of its Android version, the public can expect a great browsing experience with Focus. A recent plethora of updates to Mozilla’s safety software have received high ratings and applause from the mobile community.

Mozilla Firefox Focus Safety Settings

Mozilla first introduced Focus by Firefox back in late 2015. The following year, the company re-named the product Firefox Focus. The goal was to update the app to make it as easy as possible to operate. The 2016 version aimed to rid the browser of an overload of clutter, including no extra tabs available for use.

Mozilla’s latest version enters a crowded marketplace. Brave is one of the more popular products for Android users. Not unlike Focus, Brave comes with a built-in ad blocker designed to impede third-party advertisements. Google recently announced ads will automatically be blocked by future versions of Chrome. Mozilla will compete with Brave and Google amongst other brands in a battle to become the top-choice for users looking for internet safety.

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