New Product Will Maximize Email Storage

Imagine a scenario where your boss calls for an important meeting regarding a memo sent out a few weeks ago. You don’t exactly recall the memo’s details, so you try to find it in your email. As you frantically scrape the bottom of the trash folder, you realize that you no longer have that message. You will now enter that top-secret company meeting blindly. Well, that issue is now becoming a thing of the past thanks to a new email storage product called MailStore.

MailStore is the latest product to enter the email backup market. The product is a free and private desktop solution designed to store a large number of documents and files. Instead of keeping files, apps, and other accounts in multiple places, MailStore lets you manage all your valuables in a single location that is easy to access.

Additionally, MailStore provides extremely quick service for all of its features. Users have the option to burn files straight to CDs or DVDs if needed. You also have the capability to export documents or messages to several different locations via MailStore. This product is much more than your normal mass storage application.

A Man Checks His Email On His Computer

This brand is certainly entering a crowded marketplace. Applications such as MozBackup, Gmvault, MailSteward, and Gmail Backup are already available for use. MailStore hopes to separate itself from the competition by offering higher speed than any of the other products. It appears to be working so far as the app boasts a 98.9% customer satisfaction rating on its official website.

MailStore books itself as “the new standard in email archiving.” Used by more than 35,000 organizations around the world, MailStore has risen to the top of the industry in a short amount of time. With many new services currently in development, they aim to offer even more benefits to customers in the near future.

You may never have to worry about losing that vital email again, courtesy of MailStore!

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