Safe Distances To Watch A Television

Sports fans know how exhilarating a big play in a game can be. For many watching at home, their gut instinct is to stand and cheer while surrounding the television. You may inch closer and closer to your set, feeling like you are a part of the action in the stadium. Problem is, there are certain safe distances recommended to keep when watching television. And while watching TV up close may not destroy your vision entirely, it can cause fatigue and eye strain.

Practice Safe Sets

If you start to experience blurry vision while staring at your television set, the cure is very simple. Merely resting your eyes for a few minutes should return your vision to normal. Eye strain will cause you to feel tired very quickly, abruptly ending your television session. But, there are ways to guard from this inconvenience occurring.

While newer HDTV’s do not feature scan lines like old box set televisions, it is still not wise to sit too close to them. Sitting too far away from them is not recommended either, as you can miss some of the details the new TV’s feature. The best suggestion is to buy as big of a television that your particular room will allow. Think of it as maximizing space the same way you would do when moving furniture into a new home.

Television Room With Table And Chairs

It is also important to have proper lighting in your television area. Too little or too much light will strain your eyes just as much as sitting right in front of the TV screen. Light coming from a window can serve as a viewing hindrance as well. That light will make it difficult for your eyes to adjust and focus on the TV.

Here are some recommended safe distances to view your television from:

  • 26" TV: 39 inches
  • 32" TV: 39 inches
  • 37" TV: 98 inches
  • 40" TV: 118 inches

So, the next time a sports play makes you jump out of your seat, just try not to get too close to your television. Watching from a safe distance will only enhance your gameday and television experience.

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