Spotify And Hulu Team Up For College Students

Spotify and Hulu have officially joined forces to create the ultimate streaming experience for college students. For just $4.99 per month, the next generation of scholars and workers can enjoy a unique package of entertainment leaders. The new bundle has been dubbed Spotify Premium for Students.

Groundbreaking Partnership

The pact between Hulu and Spotify marks the first time that a music and TV service have teamed up. And perhaps this is the first partnership in what will become a trend in the streaming industry. If the bundle becomes a success, Netflix may try to partner up with Apple Music next (just a hypothetical). Or, maybe a service like Netflix is already disappointed that it was not involved in such a historic agreement between two media giants.

This deal not only benefits the two services, it is a big deal for money-pinching college students as well. Subscribing to the service is much less expensive than purchasing both separately. Hulu’s standard plan starts at $8 per month, while Spotify usually charges $10 per month for its premium service. A savings of $13 per month is nothing to scoff at for scholars faced with a future of paying off student loans. Both Hulu and Spotify believe college students are a key demographic for its services.

Premium Requirements

There are a few guidelines for students to follow when purchasing the service. For starters, students must be enrolled in an accredited school to be eligible to use Premium. Students must be at least 18 years of age as well. For students who already have a Spotify or Hulu account, they can simply switch their service needs on the apps. After graduation or during leave, students can keep the service for up to 12 months. If the service is not verified after that year, they will be automatically enrolled in the regular Spotify Premium Service with a rate of $10 per month.

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