Spotify Launches Service On Xbox One

Spotify has made its partnership with Microsoft official by announcing the music streaming service will be featured on Xbox One consoles. The brand-new Spotify app will enable users to stream their favorite music while playing video games simultaneously. The announcement comes just weeks after the first rumors surfaced of a possible pact between the two technology leaders.

How Users Can Combine The Two Services

Paying and non-paying Spotify customers will have access to the newly launched app. First, subscribers must log into their Spotify accounts. From there, a gaming section can be used to combine songs and playlists with Xbox One games. The app will be available through your console, tablet, or mobile device.

It was only a matter of time until Xbox joined forces with Spotify. The music service has already enjoyed a two-year agreement with PlayStation 4. After Microsoft’s Groove Music failed to generate a large worldwide following, experts predicted the company would work with big-name providers, instead of competing with them. The pundits proved to be right as developers began testing the two joint products earlier this month.

This is great news for Xbox gamers. They will likely love the ability to create specific songs or playlists with certain games. And, being able to adjust musical choices while in the middle of gameplay is a big plus for users. With the addition of Spotify, Xbox now has all the features to rival PlayStation in the competitive markets of music and gaming.

Spotify Bursts Onto The Scene

Spotify rose to fame in the music industry in 2006. Just like most popular streaming services, Spotify features an enormous library of music. It’s up to users to decide which plans they want in order to maximize their listening experience. The ‘Spotify Free’ plan is available to listeners who are willing to deal with an abundance of advertisements. Today, the music service is used throughout the United States, Germany, France, and Sweden. It is estimated that Spotify has more than 60 million current subscribers.

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