The Top Music Streaming Services Today

Spotify, the popular music streaming service has been dominating headlines lately; providing both good news and bad news. Last week, a one-of-a-kind partnership was struck between the service and the TV provider Hulu. Now, Spotify has confirmed it will no longer use Safari. In a single week, Spotify increased its reach and lessened it at the same time. Even so, Spotify remains one of the premier music streaming services on the market. When it comes to music options today, there is a clear big three that attracts users.


Pandora has been operating internationally since 2004, when the service was strictly customizable radio stations. It wasn’t until 2013 that the service started to garner a huge following. Since then, the service started offering three packages for listeners – free ad-based, $5/month ad-based, or $10/month for an ad-free and on-demand experience. Pandora has become the ultimate tool for fans to hook up and let stream for hours. The thumbs up/thumbs down option on tracks was way ahead of its time and remains the service’s biggest asset today.


SoundCloud features the most unique and diverse library of any streaming service on the market. This fact is by far SoundCloud’s biggest draw. Smaller and upcoming artists with a cult following flood this service. Here, you’ll hear tracks that do not even exist on others like Pandora or Apple Music. The free package with ads that includes millions of underground tracks is the most popular option for users. The only drawback is the less user-friendly track-to-track selections.


This may be the best streaming service available due to its plethora of packages. Spotify features the usual ad-free and ad-based packages, but there is also a $15/month ad-free bundle available for families. The service’s new agreement with Hulu helps college students save cash as well. If Spotify is back on Taylor Swift’s good side, then this service is sufficient for us. Plus, by database, Spotify is by far the most popular streaming service currently on the market.

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