The Top Technology Products Of 2017 (Part 1)

New products and gadgets are the lifeblood of the ever-changing technology industry. As technology continues to evolve, some products emerge to serve needs and others become outdated. Here is a look at some of the top technology products of 2017.

Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar

This product is perfect for any room inside your home. Even better, the sound performance is ideal for the outdoors as well. Whether its extra surround sound from the television or used for a party, the 300 Soundbar shows why it is the best speaker on the market.

Apple iPad Pro

Apple has long been the king of innovation. But as the years go by, the technology giant is earning a reputation as king of the sequel. The Apple iPad Pro is just further proof of this theory. The sleek design is one of the best in the industry with the new 10.5-inch model and thin display.

Sonos One

This smart speaker was the surprise technology hit of the year. Announced in early October, Sonos One officially made its debut later in that same month. Amazon Alexa acts as your home assistant and coming soon, both Google Assistant and Apple’s AirPlay 2 will partner up with One as well.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung tabbed this device as its top phone of the year, and they were right. Major design changes were realized when the product was released in April. More than one million devices were requested during a pre-order sale in South Korea. The follow-up, S8+, further enhanced Samsung’s year to remember.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch was the number one gaming console of 2017. In just the first month of its release, the Switch sold nearly three million units. The console was such a hit that it essentially revitalized the entire Nintendo company, which had been struggling before the creation of the Switch.

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