Younger Generation Favors Instagram and Snapchat

Extensive research conducted in the U.S. and U.K. shows that teenagers prefer using Snapchat and Instagram over Facebook. While the former social media sites have seen an increase in teen users, the latter has struggled to reel in the younger generation. The research firm eMarketer expects Facebook’s millennial numbers to further dwindle in the near future.

Social Media Research

Based on its findings, eMarketer believes 14.5 million people aged 12-17 will use Facebook this year. That number is down nearly 4% from the figure recorded in 2016. By contrast, both Instagram and Snapchat are projected to see major growth amongst teenagers. eMarketer predicts Instagram usage will grow by 23% next year, while Snapchat’s usership could increase by more than 25%. Experts believe Snapchat will eventually be the number one site for that specific demographic.

It is certainly strange news for Facebook to hear. The social media site has been enjoying record user growth recently. Just last month, the site confirmed it has two billion monthly users. Facebook also outperformed competitor Twitter in nearly every area in the past few years. And with Mark Zuckerberg and company in talks to return the platform to China, the site’s future may be even brighter than its present. Still, the company has to be concerned about losing the coveted teenage market to other social media providers.

Teenage Usership

Facebook’s dwindling popularity amongst teenagers has been an ongoing story line for a few years now. A 2014 study found that usership by teenagers aged 13-17 fell by 6%. The year prior featured a 1% decrease as well – extremely alarming for a site that has become a social media goliath. Put simply, Facebook is just not as cool as it used to be. This seems to be the case with anything that grows older. The so-called “new kids on the block” Instagram and Snapchat saw usership grow amongst the same age group that abandoned Facebook.

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