YouTube Unveils Multiple Website Updates

The video service YouTube has made some major updates to its website this week. The new designs were created for a more user-friendly experience on both mobile and desktop platforms. An updated logo is the first thing visitors to this site will notice. But it is just one of many changes incorporated by the video favorite.

YouTube Changes

For starters, the logo underwent a simple but unique alteration. The red play button shifts to the left in front of the word “YouTube.” And the YouTube font is now bolder and brighter than ever. New designs don’t just stop at the logo though, the site’s homepage looks smoother and cleaner than in years past. The screen includes more white and video space, offering users more options and recommendations. YouTube also focused on making streaming easier on mobile devices – rewind and fast forward actions can be accomplished with a simple double tap of the video.

One of the more unique changes to the site is the new “Dark Theme.” This update is specifically for the late-night video bingers. Developed to limit eye strain, the site turns the color down on all lighter surfaces of the page. YouTube creators wanted to give the site more of a cinema-type feel at night. The changes have already received universal praise across most social media platforms.

YouTube Revolutionizes Video

YouTube has been a subsidiary of Google ever since the tech giant purchased the company for $1.65 billion in 2006. The video site was a hardly a year old at that time – three former PayPal employees launched the service in early 2005. The founders credited Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl halftime show mishap for inspiring the site. They saw the potential that a moment like that had to go “viral.” With the immense success the company had as one of the first online social networks, its worth skyrocketed, making it an appealing investment for Google. Today, YouTube is valued between $26 - $40 billion.

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